7 steps towards in-depth teaching in historic environments

Posted 8/17/2016

Time Traveling as an educational method.

7 steps towards in-depth teaching in historic environments

Kalmar County Museum in Sweden has been supporting schools in Time Travels and Historic Environment Education since the 1980s. The museum does research about historical sites close to the schools and train the teachers. The education in school is focused on the chosen historical site and time period.

The students explore the archives and other sources. Then the students, led by museum staff and teachers, make a time travel to a chosen year at the historic site they have studied in school. They dress up in historical costumes and for one day become the people who once lived at the site.

Time travels give a deep knowledge and understanding of the past in a comparison with society of today. It’s also a way of looking at the past from the bottom to the top, from servants, workers and farmhands to nobles and masters at the top.

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