International Conference 2018

11- 14 SEPT 2018





Andy Peterson     Tel: +27 82 472 8092

Gulshera Khan             Tel: +27 73 187 2741




Freedom Park , Salvokop, Pretoria


The Conference is directed at interested individuals, staff, managers, historians, social workers, community development workers, tourist guides, educators, researchers and volunteers working within the domain of museums, municipalities, schools, universities, youth development agencies, non-governmental organisations, the Department of Arts and Culture and more especially, individuals within the educational directorate.

Such individuals will benefit from oral history, extensive research, understanding and care of heritage sites locally, nationally and internationally.



THEME: “Creating a Legacy”

Tuesday, 11th September 2018

08:30                 Registration.

09:15                 Welcome, presentation.
                           Music/ Song/ Story Telling.

09:45                 Opening Key Note Speech (Deputy Minister of Culture) “Creating a legacy”
Bridging Ages address, Annina Ylikoski.

10:30                 Health break.
                           Song, dance.

                           Legacy of Nelson Mandela, his importance for the future, presentation.
                           Legacy of Albertina Sisulu.
                           Preparation for the Time Travel event.

12:30                 Lunch

13:30                 Time Travel event at Freedom Park, “Creating a legacy”

16:00/16:30     End

18:00                 Reception at the Finnish Residence



Wednesday, 12 September 2018

08:30                Registration.

09:15                South Africa today, challenges. Bridging Ages and the Time Travel method,
                          so far. Introduction Kenya today, challenges. Bridging Ages and the Time Travel
                          method, so far. Introduction Europe and USA today, challenges. Bridging Ages
                          and the Time Travel method, so far. Introduction. 

11:00                Four parallel group sessions/workshops: The South African perspective,
                          all nine (9) provinces (two groups), the Kenyan perspective, the European
                          perspective. Create a legacy for the future. How to address the challenges?
                          Make a difference through the Time Travel method/Applied Heritage.
                          Presentations, discussions. Actions.
                          Detailed program later.

12:30                Lunch.

13:30                Common address.
                          The European and the American way. Create a legacy for the future.
                          Introductory speech on challenges of migration, nationalism and how to use
                          the Time Travel method.
                          Presentations from Finland, Sweden, the Baltic countries, USA, using a variety 
                          of expressions.
                          Actions for the future.

16:00/16.30     End

18:00                Reception at the Swedish Residence



Thursday, 13 September 2018

08:30                Registration.

09:00                “Vision with action can change the world” (Nelson Mandela).
                          The South African way, the Kenyan way, the European/American way to meet
                           the challenges of today and how the Time Travel method/ Applied Heritage
                           can make a difference. Presentations. The common way. 

12:00                Lunch.

13:00                Bridging Ages South Africa meeting, Action plan, AGM.

14:15                Bridging Ages meeting, AGM.

15:30                Vote of thanks. Invitation to next years’ conference.

16:00                Closure



Friday, 14 September 2018

08:30               Excursion to Johannesburg and Soweto,
                         Vilakaze Street, Mandela museum,
                         Hector Pieterson and Kliptown Museum.